"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give "

Sir Winston Churchill

Gratitude Policy

Mamapacha is a company with a high sense of social consciousness, and as such, we are committed to reinvesting income from sales to improve the lives of local communities within Peru.


We believe that sustainable practices coupled with gratitude in all aspects of our business are the key to a better world.


As such, we have decided to create a gratitude policy which starts with your purchase, keep reading to learn more about this policy!

Why we give back 

As most of our products are sourced from Peru, we have decided to focus our efforts on giving back to the communities within this region. 


Peru is a place full of diversity, landscapes, history and amazing natural resources. It is also a country that experiences extreme poverty, inequality and malnutrition.


Despite significant improvement in recent years, chronic malnutrition and anemia rates remain high among children. Up to  5.2 million Peruvians persist in a state of high or very high vulnerability to food insecurity.


It is our commitment to help reduce this rate while also creating food health awareness.

How we give back


Your Purchase is the first step. Every sale represents a  super food breakfast for a child in Peru. 


Once the sales has reached 200 units we work with our giving partners to organise a communal breakfast in some of the most needed areas around the Lima region.


Our breakfasts consist of recipes where they can enjoy the superfoods that Mamapcha offers to the world.


After the event, we speak with our giving partners to assess the impact of the event and receive any feedback that can help make this process more effective.